Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975)

Volume 11-20 (1966-1975)

Volume 11 (1966) Volume 12 (1967) Volume 13 (1968) Volume 14 (1969) Volume 15 (1970) Volume 16 (1971) Volume 17 (1972) Volume 18 (1973) Volume 19 (1974) Volume 20 (1975)

Volume 11 (1966) TOP

A Review of Pertinent Theories of Personality(for a Study of Personality)
Author: Chia Fu-ming
A Systematic Study of the Logical Positivism(continued)
Author: Chao Ya-po
A Study of Private School in Han Dynasty
Author: Shu-lin Yu
A Study of the Educational Thought of Liang Chi-chao
Author: Cheng Shih-Hsing
A Study of Geographical Names in the Spring and Autumn Annals
Author: Fa-Jen Cheng
The Scientific Thought of yi-king
Author: Pan-tsao Chen
The Influence of Chinese Orthodox Thinking on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yung-Ying
Meteorological Investigation and Observations Made on Trips in Northwestern China
Author: Yen Huai Liu
A Geographical Appraisal of the Taiwan Tea Industry
Author: Tao-chang Chiang
A Layman's survey of Pragmatism
Author: Tranklin T. C. Hsu
A Numerical Symbolism for Transformational Syntax
Author: Chao-Hui Tung
On Buiiding an Arstract mathfmatical System
Author: Hoong-Yuan Kong
Solvent Effects on the Relative Acidities of Alkyl Substituted Benzoic Acids
Author: Cheng-Hsia Wang
Determination of Copper in Sweet Potato by Neutron Activation Analysis
Author: Ming-Tong Wey
A Study on the Effect of Benzotriazole Phosphate to the Growth of Chlorella Cells
Author: Ming-Tong Wey
A New Method for EDTA Replacement Titration Studies on the Determination of Micro Quantities of Ca(II), Sr(II), Ba(II), Mn(II), and Hg(II)Ions
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu
Ecological Studies on the Pisciculture in Taiwan
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu
Studies on the Hibernation of Frog
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, Ming-Shyong Leu
The Distribution and Biological half Life of Vitamin B12-Co60 in Albino Rat
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, Ruth Chen
The Effects of Ammonia on the Growth of Cobitis taenia L
Author: Tuan-sheng Miu, Long-Lii Ling
The Effects of RNA on the Serum Albumin in Eri-silkworm
Author: Tuan-sheng Miu, Shih Ho
The Parasitic Stages of Isospora Lacazei Labbe (Protozoa:Coccidia) in the English Sparrow
Author: Yanung Chu Wang
The Effects of some Chemical and Physical Agents on the Oocysts of Isospora Lacazei Labbe (Protozoa:Coccidia)
Author: Yanung Chu Wang, Meifei Chiang
The Ludwigia of Taiwan
Author: Jew-Ming Chao
The Effects of RNA on the Serum Protein in Eri-Silkworm
Author: Shih Ho, L. M. Lin

Volume 12 (1967) TOP

A Study of Tsai Yen's Poetry
Author: Lee Yuch-Kang
Philosophical Thought of Jean Paul Sartre
Author: Chao Ya-Po
The Influence of Chinese Agricultural Civilization on Japan, Korea and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yung-Ying
The Relation between Politics and Religions in the Tang Dynasty
Author: Li Shu-Tung
The Nature of the White-Lotus Society
Author: Tai Hsuan-Chih
The Frontier Ruins in the Han Dynasty along the Edsin-gol
Author: Yen-Huai Liu
Discussion on the Maritime Defence during the Late Ching Dynasty(1842-1894)
Author: Wang Chia-Chien
Annotations on Hsiao-Ching
Author: Li Hsian
Poems on the Sea
Author: Wang Wei-Cha
Notes on the Theoretical Basis for Teaching Structural Units
Author: Chauncey C. H. Ch'u

Volume 13 (1968) TOP

A Study of Modern Chinese Education in Its Budding Stage
Author: Fang Ping-lin
The Influence of Chinese Commeroial Activities on Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Author: Chu yun-ying
Self-Knowledge in Relation to College Adjustment
Author: Fu-ming Chia
The development of Self-concept
Author: Kuo Wei-Fan
Philosophical Thought of Early Apologist Fathers of the Church
Author: Chao Ya-Po
New Trend in English Secondary Education
Author: Chen-tsou Wu
The First Stage of Modern Technological Education in Japan
Author: Hsu Nan-Hau
The First Technical College in Modern China: Foochow Shipbuilding College
Author: Chyu Li-Ho
An Analysis of Reaction Time in Normal and Mentally Retarded Children
Author: Young-hwa Chen
A Study of Thunderstorm Forecasting In Taiwan
Author: Yen-huai Liu

Volume 14 (1969) TOP

An Existence and Uniqueness Theorem for a Multi-point Boundary Value Problem
Author: Problem M. Lipschutz, Reng-Song Lo
Biological Studies on the Polluted Water of Hsin-tein River
Author: T. S. Miu, K. J. Wong, D. M. Hau, S. wu, C. C. Chang, W. C. Chung
The Effects of Yeast RNA on the Serum Globulin in Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus(Contor)
Author: Bih-yann Tai, Tuan-sheng Miu
The Effects of Yeast RNA on the Serum Protein in Tilapia mossambica
Author: Ji-Chuu Hwang, Tuan-sheng Miu
The Effects of Yeast RNA & Histamin on Planarian Regeneration
Author: Kuang-yang Leu, Tuan-sheng Miu
The Effects of Yeast RNA on the Serum Protein in Uroloncha domestica
Author: Shyi-Jen Taus, Tuan-sheng Miu
The Effects of Yeast RNA on the Serum Protein in Geoclemys reevesii(Gray)
Author: Shian-Tsong Ho, Tuan-sheng Miu
Emission Band Systems of Ag2 Produced in Discharge
Author: Cheng-chuan Shieh
Amino Acids in Urine Formation
Author: Kuo-Min Wu
Axiom of Choice Synopsis
Author: Fun-Pay Kuo
On Perturbation Theory
Author: Yu-nan Tung
Investigation on the Separation of Normal Fatty Acids by the Formation of Urea-Clathrate Crystal
Author: Kuang Hsin Mao
The Propagation and Reflection of Electromagnetic Wave in a Crystal
Author: Fu-mei Chen
The PEM Effect on Photoconductive CdS Films
Author: Fu-tyan Lin
A Study on the Radiation Effect of Vitamin C in Guava Juice and Radiation Preservation of Guava Fruits
Author: Su-Chen Chen

Volume 15 (1970) TOP

An Explication of Hsun Ching's Short Fu
Author: Lee Yuch-Kang
The Difference between Historical Verification and Literary Verification
Author: Lee Chen Tong
Interpretations of the Titles of "Yuehfun" of Wei and Chin Dynasties
Author: Fang Tzun Shen
A Study on Recitation and Quotation from the Book of Odes by the Ancients
Author: Huang Chen-Ming
An Apologia for Huang Chi-kang's Theory of Sounds in Archaic Chinese
Author: Chen Hsin-hsiung
The Influences of Chinese History and Culture on the Legends of the Foundation of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yun-ying
Tang Tai Tsung's Imitation of Kao Chu and its Influence on the Tang Dynasty
Author: Li Shu-tung
Hweihwu's Part in the Establishing of the Yuan Dynasty
Author: Li Fu-tung
Surveys of Edson-Gol, Kue-Yen-Hai and Khara-Khoto
Author: Yen Huai Liu
Cultural Elements in the Geographical Landscape of China
Author: Hsueh-Chuen Sha
The Wisdom of Taoism
Author: Constant C.C.Chang

Volume 16 (1971) TOP

The History of Philosophy and the Truth
Author: Slbert Chao
A Psychological View on Ethics and Morality
Author: F. M. Chia
The Description and Criticism on John Dewey's Theories of Education and Social Reconstruction
Author: Kao Kwang Fu
Trends in English Technical and Vocational Education
Author: Ching-Jiang Lin
A Study of Industrial Education System in Japan, 1912-1926
Author: Hsu Nan-Hau
The Motive of Creation of Five-Powers'Constitution of Dr. Sun Yat-sen'
Author: Wang Yung
Facts about Dr. Sun Yat-sen'Letter of Suggestion Presented to Bremier Hung Lee Hung-Chang
Author: Chao Chieh-ing
Attitudes of Junior Normal College Students Towerd Teaching Profession
Author: Wei-Fan Kuo, Sheng-Yu Kuo
The First New Type University in China: Peiking University
Author: Chyu Li-Ho
Theory and Application of Social Learning
Author: Wu Wu-Tien
The Idea of Physical Education
Author: Fan Cheng Chih
The Culture of T'ang Dynasty and the Foreign Culture
Author: Chiou Tien-Sheng
Spectrophotometric Determination of Microgram Quantities of Thorium in Various Aqueous Samples using Arsenazo-III
Author: Ming-Sing Hsu

Volume 17 (1972) TOP

Solar Energy Refrigerator
Author: John C. Wang
Probabilistic Method On The Uniform Distribution Of Sequences of Integers Mod M
Author: Jau-shyong Shiue
The Distribution of Heterocephalum Aurantiacum
Author: Chiu-Yuan Chien
Number Of Solutions Of The Equation X21+X22++....+X2n=a In A Finite Field
Author: Chia-gan Lee
Some Remarks on Fourier Coefficients of Dominant Functions
Author: Hui-Chung Wang
Multipliers On Some Topological Linear Spaces
Author: Ming-chiao Lien
The Surface System Of Dilution Solution Of He3&He4 Treated As A System Of Two Dimensional Ideal Fermi Gas
Author: Hong-ming Guo
Quantum Transport Equations for Bloch Electrons in an Electric Field I Electron-Impurity Scattering / Field II Electron-Phonon Scattering
Author: Shan-Chun Yu
Nuclear Stripping Reaction
Author: Chin-chi Chao
The Undetermined Multiplier Treatments of the Lagrange Problem
Author: You-Jen Wu
A Study Of Current High School Physics Curriculum In The Republic Of China
Author: Chong-jen Ouyang
Decarboxylation of Benzoic Acid Derivatives
Author: Cheng-Hsia Wang
A Study on the Oxalic Acid Dosimeter
Author: Ming-tong Wey, Jing-fang Wang, Mei-yueh Ko, Hue-mu Hou
Oxidation of Polyisoprene Popcorn Polymer
Author: Shih-Chen LU
Salt-Coated Sillca Gel Thin Layer Chromatography of Vitamin B Complex
Author: Bao-tyan Huang
Effect of Escherichia Coli on Erisilkworm. Philosamia Cynthia Ricini
Author: S. S. Huang, Y. F. Yen, T. S. Miu

Volume 18 (1973) TOP

The Developments of the Six School of Poetry in Early Ming Dynasty
Author: Li Yueh-kang
On the Authorship of the Book of Odes
Author: Li Ch'en-tung
Views on Music in "Lu's Ch'un Ch'iu"
Author: Huang Chin-hung
Poets and Poetry of the Wei Chin Period
Author: Fang Tsu shen
An Investigation of the Ode-Titles and Their Order of Appearance in the Book of Odes
Author: Huang Chen-min
A Study of Tu Fu's Septisyllabic Regulated Verse
Author: Chien Ming-Yung
The Influence of the Changes of Rule in Chinese History Upon Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Author: Chu Yun-Ying
The Marriage of Women in the T'ang Dynasty
Author: Li Shu-tung
The Political Situation of Late_Ch'ing Dynasty As Reflected in Prince Ch'un's"Proposal for Personnel Administration
Author: Wang Chia-chien
A Study of the Comparison between Evaporation and Precipitation in Taiwan
Author: Yen Huai Liu
The Climate of Penang
Author: Hsueh Chi-hsun
On IPA and the Teaching of English
Author: Fu Yi-ch'in
Two Lower-Level Tone Sandhi Rules in one Variety of South min
Author: C. H. Tang

Volume 19 (1974) TOP

An Interpretation of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Treatise on Liberty and Equality
Author: Bagehot Yeh
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Thoughts and the Education of National Spirit
Author: Tsai-yu Chang
The Patriotic Poems in Late Sung Dynasty
Author: Yueh-kang Lee
Hsuntze's Important Contributions to the Rites of Propriety
Author: Pin Jao
A Study of Educational Thought of National Spirit in Modern China
Author: Li-ho Chyu
On Democracy and Scientific, Cultural Education of John Dewey
Author: Kwang-fu Kao
The Change of Modern Educational Thoughts in Germany
Author: Hsu Nan-hu
A Study of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Mind"
Author: Chung-hsin Cheng
The analysis and Study on the Theory and Teaching of Physical Education
Author: C. K. Chiao
Educational Psychology: Its Origination and Development
Author: Chun-hsing Chang
The Effects of Reinforcement on Verbal Learning in Mentally Retarded Children
Author: Yung-hwa Chen
A Physiological Comparison of Blood Saliva Urine Body Temperature and Pulse Rate between Pre-Exercise and Past-exercise
Author: Shieh Sheu Yuan
On Matrin Transformations Between Certain Sequence Spaces
Author: Hui-Chung Wang
On the Dilute Solution of He3-He4 Mirture
Author: Shern Ching-song
Progressivism in the United States Grows out of Several European Traditions
Author: Kou-Shih Yang

Volume 20 (1975) TOP

The Development of the Poetry of Chin Dynasty
Author: Lee Yuch Kang
A Survey on the Improvement of the Health Condition of the Community Development Program in Taiwan
Author: Shih-Chun Tung
A Study on the Correlation between Water Temperature and the Duration of Cultivation for the Milkfish in Wintering-pond in Taiwan
Author: Kuo-shang Chen
Wen Hsin Tiao Lung; Its Status in the Chinese Literature
Author: Wang Keng-Chen
History and achievements of the Scientific Expedition To The North-western Provinces Of China, 1927-1933
Author: Liu Yen-huai
Interaction of a Hydrogenlike with a Nucleus
Author: Hsien-His Su
The Expansion and Changing Location of Banana Production in Taiwan
Author: Chug Ru Ho
C-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Amines
Author: Cheng-Hsia Wang
The Constituents of Taxus chinensis Rehd.
Author: Hung-Cheh Chiang
On the Paper of H. W. Kim
Author: Yang Ho, Hu-Hsiung Li
The Effects of the Nature of the Settling Plates on the Settlement of Spirorbis and Hydroides(Polychaeta Sedentaria)Larvae
Author: R. Wen-hsiung Tseng
The Expansion and Changing Location of Banana Production in Taiwan
Author: Gwo-Dong Lin
Chebyshev Polynomials in Non-Linear Plane Pendulum Problem
Author: Joung-Fu Hsu