Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 11 (1966)

The Distribution and Biological half Life of Vitamin B12-Co60 in Albino Rat
Author: Tuan-Sheng Miu, Ruth Chen


1. Using Co60 as the tracer, each Albino rat of Sprague-Dawley Strain was administrated 0.5c.c. this radioactive vitamin B12 intramuscularly. The biological half-life ane the distribution of vitamin Bl2-Co60 in kidney, liver, heart spleen, intestine and stomach of rat are determined.
2. Expressing in count by % of total tissue, intestine was found to be the tissue which took up the largest part of the traacer dose in the first five days after injection. However kidney became the top most tissue in distri-bution, while that of the others were in the sequence: liver, stomach, intestine, heart and spleen,
3. Expressing in count by counts/gm., the kidney took up the largest part of vitamin B12-Co60, The uptake in the other tissue decreased in the sequence: stomaoh, spleen, intestine, liver and heart.
4. The biological half-life of Co60 or vitamin B12 in heart is 49.5 days which is the longest among all the tissues studied, stomach stands the next 48 day ; while intestine is the shortest 9.5 days.
5. Little more than 7% of the total dose injected was excreted in the excreta within 24 hours. The amount of excretion decreased gradually each day followed and reached to 1.38% to 0.84% per day, ten days after injection.

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