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Volume 22 (1977)

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The Eighty Years History of School System in China
Auther: Peng Lin
The Education of San Min Chu I and the Ideological Education of San Min Chu I
Auther: Chang Tsai-Yu
Juan-chi And His "Ta Chuang Lun"
Auther: Huang Chin-hung
Five Steps to Practice Morality
Auther: Kung Pao-Sang
The Nature of Inspection and Supervision
Auther: Li Tsu-shou
On the Double Objects Construction In Chinese
Auther: Ting-Chi Tang
The Methodology of Education
Auther: Kwang-Fu Kao
The Evolution of Secondary Education in Modern China
Auther: Li-ho Chyu
Hsun Tze's Educational Thought
Auther: Jao Pin
Lu-Chia and His Intellectual Outlook
Auther: Keng-shing Wang
Tung Chung Shu's Conception of Heaven
Auther: M.I. Assunta Wang
Educational Technology Media and Innovation
Auther: Shieh Sheu Yuan
History of Physical Education
Auther: Fan Cheng Chih
Mechanical Analyris of Surinming Staut
Auther: Shieh Sheu Yuan
The Evaluation of the Physical Education in Term of the Five Cultures
Auther: Tang See-Hoy
A Review on Synthesis of 4-Aryl-2-picolines, Intermediates for Anti-tumor Drugs
Auther: Wang cheng-Hsia, Horng Thy-ming
A Study of Basic Physical Performance Tests
Auther: Yang Chi-Iung
Concepts of Using Tradition: From Han to Huang Ting-Chien
Auther: Tiang Seng-yong
Thomas Hardy: His Philosophy and Character in The Mayor of Casterbridge
Auther: Liang-Kee Wang
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of the CH2NH3 Free Radical in γ-Ray Irradiated Methylammonium Alum Single Crystals
Auther: Jui-hsiang Chang, Jiang-tsu Yu
The Fallacy of Literary Evolution
Auther: Chen Peng Hsiang
Some Theorems of Fixed Points
Auther: Hu-Hsiung Li