Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 17 (1972)

Salt-Coated Sillca Gel Thin Layer Chromatography of Vitamin B Complex
Author: Bao-tyan Huang


This paper deals with the experiment on the acceleration of the speed of development by way of the thin-layer chromatography of Vitamin B complex, by using silica gel G or silica gel GF254 and 5%, or 10%, or 20% of NH4Cl, or NaCl, or A12(S04)3, or Na2S04 (by weight of salt solution) as coating agent instead of water.
The result of the experiment is that a mixture of acetone and alcohol (1:1 v/v) as developing solvent, and silica gel G which contains 5% NH4C1, or NaCl, or A12(S04)3, or 10% NH4C1, or NaCl, has been proved experimentally to be suitable for the separation of Vitamin B complex.
The greatest advantage of this salt-coated silica gel G, or silica gel GF254 is that it enables the process of experiment to accelerate the speed of development.

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