Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 14 (1969)

Investigation on the Separation of Normal Fatty Acids by the Formation of Urea-Clathrate Crystal
Author: Kuang Hsin Mao


The separation of normal fatty acids from natural oils has been achieved by a simple and efficient method. Fatty acids with differ-ent number of carbon atoms were first obtained from natural oils or other samples by standard procedures. To a 10 percent solution of such fatty acids urea was added at the rate of 10g per 50ml. Af-ter the urea was brought into solution with heat, the reaction mixture was maintained with shaking at 50-60° C for 30 minutes or longer crystals of urea clathrate (an inclusion complex formed between urea an normal fatty acids), which appeared upon cooling, were fil-tered and the solids in the flter paper washed twice with cold methanol saturated with urea. The crystel, after drying, were dis-solved in water (or weak acid) and the normal fatty acids extract-ed with octane

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