Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 14 (1969)

A Study on the Radiation Effect of Vitamin C in Guava Juice and Radiation Preservation of Guava Fruits
Author: Su-Chen Chen


Use γ ray of Co60 (5000 curie) to coimpare the destruction of standard ascorbic acid and guava juice. The result of my experiment reveals that the destruction of Vitamin C in guava juice has the same tendency as ascorbic acid: if one makes a diagram of logarithm concentration (%) v.s. irradia-tion dose, a straight line may be found. The destruction of Vitamin C in guava juice is less than that of standard ascorbic acid.
The other result reveals that the most available irradiation dose to preserve guava fruits is about 105 rad.

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