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A Survey on the Improvement of the Health Condition of the Community Development Program in Taiwan
Author: Shih-Chun Tung


1. This paper mainly describes the result of a survey study on the improvement of the health conditor in the general framework of the community development programe in Taiwan. The first steps of the development programe covering 330 villages and Lis(Li is the basic community unit in a city or town)as the demonstiation districts has been completed in a three-year period(1966-1968)as planned the subject is closely related to the teaching programe which the writer has been in charge of. It gave the opportunity to the writer to organize the field survey study on the practical aspect of the improvement of the improvement of thecommunity and household sanitation. The data thus obtained formed the basic of this paper which has been the first attempt in Taiwan for a systematic analysis of result achieved through the development programe.
2. the members of the survey team were the senior students of the Health Education Department of the Taiwan Normal University. They have received the professional training in the survey work and were well qualified as field surveyers.
3. In summary the survey study revealed the following facts:
3.1. Those related to the improvement of the sanitation facilities for public use:
3.1.1. The design and the construction work of the five major squitation facilities(water supply, sewerage, toilet, road, and bath room)have met the standard. The five items were the basic needs of the people.
3.1.2. The maintenance if the above-meationed facilities was the basic key to ensure the result of the programme. This required the close cooparation of the people. The function of the executive committee at the community level had to be strengthened and be charge with the responsibility of carrying out the programme.
3.1.3. The community manpower should be well utilized. The full support of the local leaders should be obtained. The assistance from the community groups(such as women's committee, labour unoin, political party organization, youth group and local military establishments)should be explored. Several communities among the surveyed areas had the contributions of the military group for the construction work.
3.2 Those related to the improvement of household sanitation:
3.2.1 . The condition of drinking water should obvious improvement through the establishment of community water supply systems.
3.2.2. The toilets bath room, and kitchens of the households showed considerable improvement, They, in turn, contributed to the health living of the people.
3.2.3. The garbage disposal, the ordealy management of domestic ans fowls, and the clearliness of the rooms were the essential items in the improvement of household sanitation. They depend on the conespt the basic deciding factor for the development of a community.
4. In order to achieve the best result of the programe, the writer supports that the health education programe at the village Li level be strengthened and the health teaching curricula in the primary and secondary schools be intensified so that the best resoult of the community deveolpment programe could be achieved.
5. This paper is a comsolidated literature of the previons three papers which were published is No.20 of Health Education News, No.1 and 2 of 'Environmental-Sanitation'dealing with the surveys made in 1967, 1968 and 1969 respectively plus the experience of the writer deering the past ten and more years in the developments of school health, health education, and environmental sanitation programes, The main purposr of this paperris to analyse the results achied in the past years and to contribute to the planning of the future community development programe. It is mainly an atininistrative review of the past development but not for the academic studies which would require much more scientific design and collection of data.

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