Journal directory listing - Volume 11-20 (1966-1975) - Volume 14 (1969)

The Propagation and Reflection of Electromagnetic Wave in a Crystal
Author: Fu-mei Chen


Fourier's analysis has been used to find the geometrical structure factor of crystals and to discuss the propagation and reflection of electromagnetic wave in a crystal. If the value of the dielectric susceptibility is smaller then 10-4 and the dielectric constant much larger than the Fourier coefficient, then the value of the wave vector is equal to the reciprocal lattice vector when it is not zero. If the dispersicn relation is ω= C2K2/G, then the frequency of undemped electro-magnetic wave in the forbidden frequency gap will not propagate in an infinite crystal and the electrons will take the from of optic phonous which propagate in ionic crystals like longitudinal wave. But when the thickness of a film crystal is smaller than on wave-length, the electromagnetic wave will, be perpendicular to the crystal surface and will pass through it.

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