Journal directory listing - Volume 47 Number 2 (2002/October) - Mathematics, Science & Technology【47(2)】

Establishing a Model for Electric Vehicles for Use in Large Cities
Author: Jeen-Fong Li(Department of Industrial Education NTNU)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 47, No. 2
Date:October 2002


Air pollution in big cities has already become a serious problem and will continue to be so in the future. Individual countries are trying to find possible solutions to this problem and are devoting large budgets to comprehensive air pollution research programs (Wu, 1999; Liau, 1999). Even though motor vehicles cause environmental damage, they also make a major contribution to economic growth (Yang, 1988; Chen, 2000; Yang, 2001). In this study we establish an implementation model for electric cars for use in large cities; we proceed via the Delphi Technique and a review of the literature. This model is also arrived at through the utilization of what we call a Scenario Technique (ST). The ST will be able to analyze past situations, predict future ones, and seek to control the present, thus minimizing the future occurrence of the many potential environmental dangers we face on this planet, while maintaining a balance between economic development and the environment.

Keywords:Electric Vehicle, Air Pollution Scenario Technique, Hybrid Vehicle

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APA FormatLi, J.-F. (2002). Culturally Related Theme Selection in Chinese Text Materials for Heritage Learners: A Case Study on the Needs of Local Chinese School Teachers. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics, Science & Technology, 47(2), 55-70. doi:10.6301/JNTNU.2002.47(2).04