Journal directory listing - Volume 47 Number 1 (2002/April) - Science Education【47(1)】

A Pilot Study on Mathematical Creative Analogy Activities with Networked Peer Assessment
Author: Yung-Chih Hsu(Department of Applied Mathematics, N.C.T.U), Chin-Chung Tsai(Center for Teacher Education & Institute of Education, N.C.T.U), Ming-Jang Chen(Center of General Education, N.C.T.U)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 47, No.1
Date:April 2002


This study was inspired by the ideas of creative analogy in mathematics and peer assessment. This study further designed a web-based environment to implement the ideas, where students could express their creative analogy thoughts in mathematics and process peer assessment. The subjects involved in this study included two classes (thirty-six for each) in a junior high school in Hsinchu. A class was assigned into an experimental group, which received four-time research treatments (i.e., mathematical creative analogy activities) within a month, while another class was assigned into a control group. The research findings derived from this study indicated that: 1. Peers' assessment scores on these activities were not necessarily related to the experts' evaluations, possibly due to the immaturity of student knowledge development, or the complexity of inter-relationships among peers. 2. Students in the experimental group had higher achievement scores on the higher-order levels of knowledge (e.g., application and analysis), which indicating that students may construct knowledge structures through higher-order cognitive operations in the processes of mathematical creative analogy activities and peer assessment..

Keywords:mathematics education, analogy, creativity, peer assessment, networked learning

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APA FormatHsu, Y.-C., Tsai, C.-C., & Chen, M.-J. (2002). A Pilot Study on Mathematical Creative Analogy Activities with Networked Peer Assessment. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics & Science Education, 47(1), 1-14. doi:10.6300/JNTNU.2002.47(1).01