Journal directory listing - Volume 47 Number 1 (2002/April) - Mathematics, Science & Technology【47(1)】

Image Stabilization for ITS Applications
Author: You-Ming Liang(Department of Information and Computer Education,National Taiwan Normal University),Sei-Wang Chen(Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering,National Taiwan Normal University), H. Y. Mark Liao(Institute of Information,Science Academia)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 47, No. 1
Date:April 2002


In this paper, we propose an image stabilization technique for stabilizing image sequences taken from traffic monitoring cameras. The proposed technique includes three steps: motion estimation, global motion analysis, and image compensation. In the motion estimation, a module combining block matching and k-order projection matching is evoked to estimate motions between two successive images. The process will estimate motions accurately even though there exists rotations between images. In the global motion analysis, an affine motion model is utilized to determine the parameters of translation and rotation between images. The determined affine transformation is then exploited to compensate for the unstabilities of input image sequences. The experimental results of using both simulated and real images have revealed the applicability of the proposed technique..

Keywords:Image Stabilization, Motion Estimation, Global Motion Analysis, Image Compensation, K-order projection matching, Block matching and affine motion model

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APA FormatLiang, Y.-M., Chen, S.-W., & Liao, M. H.Y.(2002). Image Stabilization for ITS Applications. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics, Science & Technology, 47(1), 87-100. doi:10.6301/JNTNU.2002.47(1).05