Journal directory listing - Volume 47 Number 1 (2002/April) - Education【47(1)】

When Teachers Encounter Curriculum Evaluation: The change and development
Author: Mei-Ju Chen(Taiwan Provincial Institute for Elementary School Teachers’Inservice Education Ministry of Education)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 47, No. 1
Date:April 2002


When the fourth generation evaluation appeared and attempted to change the scientific, objective, expert-oriented tradition, there were more and more evaluation methods focusing on real-life practice and participation. As a result, empowerment evaluation showed up. The recent curriculum reform in Taiwan demonstrates the spirit of empowerment: schools must be responsible for curriculum development and evaluate their own curriculum and effectiveness. However, school administrators and teachers, who still view evaluation as supervision, grading, judgment, and comparison, are afraid of traditional evaluation. Thus, we fail to make use of evaluation as a tool to help educators and teachers to reflect and solve their curriculum problems.
This article tries to combine the concept of empowerment evaluation and the spirits of the curriculum reform.We propose that teachers are the subjects of curriculum evaluation in schoos. The school-base curriculum development need the curriculum evaluation to accelerate the curriculum change. Thus, teachers are the best curriculum evaluators. This research has been conducted in a school for eight months..We inquiry the change ,the professional development and the difficulties of teachers after practicing curriculum evaluation. The last,we propose the suggestions for teachers to implicate curriculum evaluation.

Keywords:teacher professional development,curriculum evaluation,empowerment evaluation

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APA FormatChen, M.-J. (2002). When Teachers Encounter Curriculum Evaluation: The change and development. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 47(1), 17-38. doi:10.3966/2073753X2002044701002