Journal directory listing - Volume 42 (1997/October) - Mathematics, Science & Technology【42】

A Preliminary Report on the Experimental Study of the Two-pyroxene Andesite from Kuanyinshan, Northern Taiwan
Author: Teh-Ching Liu, Bore-Sing Chen, Jan-Jee Pan, Pei-Kai Chen, Shan-Zon Wu (Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 42 (New Version)
Date:October 1997


The high temperature furnace and the high pressure high temperature piston-cylinder apparatus were set up in the experimental petrological laboratory of Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University. The thermal gradient in the high temperature furnace is smaller than 1 °C per 10 cm in the uniform zone. The precisions for the pressure and temperature measurements of the pis-ton-cylinder apparatus are 0.3 kb and 5 °C , respectively. The thermocouple used in the present experiments was calibrated and the temperature correction is -21.2 °C . The liquidus temperatures of the Kuanyinshan andesite were determined to be 1210 °C , 1250 °C , and 1290 °C at the atmospheric pressure, 10 kbar and 20 kbar, respectively. Near-liquidus minerals at atmospheric pressure are iron-titanium ox-ides and plagioclase. Plagioclase, however, is the near-liquidus mineral at 10 kbar and 20 kbar. The slope of the liquidus curve of the andesitic melt is about 40 °C per 10 kbar.

Keywords:Andesite, Liquidus, Near-liquidus mineral

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APA FormatLiu, T.-C., Chen, B.-S., Pan, J.-J., Chen, P.-K., & Wu, S.-Z. (1997). A preliminary report on the experimental study of the Two-pyroxene Andesite from Kuanyinshan, Northern Taiwan. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics, Science & Technology, 42(New Version), 53-59.