Journal directory listing - Volume 64 (2019) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【64(3)】September (Special Issue: Creativity, STEAM and Maker Education)

(Special Issue) High School Students’ Continual Participation in Game Intentions: A Case Study of 3D Motorcycle Digital Gaming Learning
Author: Sheng-Yuan Chang (Department of Industrial Education, National Taiwan Normal University Taipei Municipal Nei-Hu Vocational High School), Shiun-Taung Jan (Department of Industrial Education, National Taiwan Normal University New Taipei Municipal New Taipei Industrial Vocational High School)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 64, No.3
Date:September 2019

The “3D Motorcycle” digital game is designed to regulate the rules of riding a motorcycle on the road for players to familiar with the rules of transportation by simulating their cognitive and affective perception to explore the effect of this design. After conducting “3D Motorcycle” game playing, a questionnaires were delivered. The relevance of cognitive failure and anxiety, learning value perception and continuance intention. The findings of this study indicated that cognitive failure was negatively related to learning value perception, but gameplay anxiety was positively related to; the perception of learning value was positively related to continuance intention to play this “3D Motorcycle” game. The implication of this study suggested that those educational institutes of transportation safety can apply this “3D Motorcycle” game to enhance the perception of transportation rules to reduce future use real motorcycle accidents.

Keywords:cognitive failure, continuance intention, gameplay anxiety, learning value

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APA FormatChang, S.-Y. & Jan, S.-T. (2019). High School Students’ Continual Participation in Game Intentions: A Case Study of 3D Motorcycle Digital Gaming Learning. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 64(3), 31-53. doi:10.6209/JORIES.201909_64(3).0002