Guidelines for Review of Research Papers

Journal of National Taiwan Normal University is a purely academic journal aimed at enhancing the research culture of NTNU and providing a platform for on-campus and off-campus instructors and researchers to publish previously unpublished original research papers. Original research papers herein refer to empirical research reports, theoretical or methodological dissertations, or systemized composite articles on specific research topics. Translations, reporting articles, degree dissertations, and research reports for training projects are excluded.

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide reviewers with important points for consideration when reviewing submissions. Reviewers can select appropriate points of consideration according to the nature of the submitted paper.

Title and Abstract
Does the title describe the content of the paper appropriately? If not, how should it be modified?
Is the format of the abstract correct? Does the content of the abstract briefly and adequately describe the important elements of the paper?

Introduction, Concept, and Literature Review

Is the description of the background, concept, and relevance of the research brief, clear, and to the point?
Is the description of research purpose, research assumption(s), or problem(s) being addressed by the research clear and appropriate?
Is review of literature comprehensive and appropriate? Have any importance references been omitted?

Research Methods

According to the nature of the problem(s) addressed by the research, were the research methods employed appropriate?
Were variables related to the research fully considered and added for control as appropriate?
Were the research process and sampling method appropriate?
Are the reliability and validity of research methods appropriate?
Has the internal and external validity of the research been adequately considered?

Results and Discussion

Are the statistical analysis, processing, and presentation of data concise, clear, and appropriate?
Are the content, format, and explanation of figures and tables clear and appropriate?
Are the explanation of results, inferences, conclusions, and discussion reasonable and appropriate?
Have research limitations been considered in explanation of research results and result-based inferences? Is there over-inference or generalization?

General Format

Does the format of the paper conform to regulations?
Are the headings and paragraphs appropriate?
Are sentences clear and easy to read?
Are the proper nouns and terminology used appropriate?
Are the organization and structure of the paper rigorous and precise? Are the theories systemic and persuasive?