Journal directory listing - Volume 47 Number 2 (2002/October) - Education【47(2)】

A Study of the Influence of Junior High School Students' Family Class on Deviant Behavior Author: Fang-Ming Hwang(Department of Education,National Chiayi University),Kin-Bao Yang(Department of Infant & Child Care,National Taipei College of Nursing)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 47, No. 2
Date:October 2002


This research focuses on the effects of ethnicity and social class on the deviant behavior of middle (or junior high) school students in Taiwan. In order to theorize and construct a model for the effect of ethnicity and social class, as well as some intermediate factors, on the subjects' deviant behavior, the family backgrounds of a number of ninth-grade students in Taipei County were first analyzed. Structural equation modeling was used to examine this model. The results show that a student's family class is statistically significant in affecting his or her deviant behavior. However, the impact of family class on deviant behavior is always mediated by intermediate factors. There are four paths through which family class affects deviant behavior:
Family Class -> Family Control Structure -> Deviant Behavior
Family Class -> Family Control Structure -> School Control -> Deviant Behavior
Family Class -> Economic Investment in Education -> School Control -> Deviant Behavior
Family Class -> Cultural Capital -> Deviant Behavior.

Keywords:family class,structural equation modeling,cultural capital,deviant behavior

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APA FormatWhuang, F.-M., & Yang, K.-B. (2002). A Study of the Influence of Junior High School Students' Family Class on Deviant Behavior. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 47(2), 203-230. doi:10.3966/2073753X2002104702005