Journal directory listing - Volume 43 Number 2 (1998/October) - Science Education 【43(2)】

Attitudes Toward Biology of Junior High School Students Author: Yeong-Jing Cheng (Department of Biology, National Taiwan Normal University), Kun-Yuan Yang (Teacher Education Center, Chung Yuan Christian University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 43, No. 2
Date:October 1998


In the present study, "Attitudes Toward Biology Scale (ATBS)" was used to investigate the atti-tudes toward biology of 4250 seventh grade students in the Taipei area. The relationships between stu-dent's attitudes toward biology and characteristics of schools and socioeconomic background of students were explored. The results of the study indicated that the attitudes toward biology of the subjects were positive. Further data analysis showed that the subjects from Taipei county exhibited better attitudes toward biology than the subjects from Taipei city. Significant differences in attitudes toward biology were found among three types of schools categorized by school size. The subjects of large school exhib-ited better attitudes toward biology than the subjects of medium and small schools. In general, there was no significant difference existed between male and female subjects on the scores of the ATBS and the three sub-scales except S1 sub-scale (attitudes to biology). While male subjects scored significantly higher than those of female subjects on S1 sub-scale. No statistically significant differences were found on attitudes toward biology among the subjects of different socioeconomic background for the entire subjects. However, significant differences on attitudes toward biology existed among the subjects of dif-ferent socioeconomic background in the large and small schools. These results indicated that there are relationships existing between students' attitudes toward biology and their socioeconomic status vari-ables. In addition, low but positive correlation was found between students' attitudes toward biology and scholastic achievements.

Keywords:Science-related Attitudes, Attitudes Toward Science, Attitudes Toward Biology, Attitudes Toward Biology Scale (ATBS)

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APA FormatCheng, Y.-J., & Yang, K.-Y. (1998). Attitudes Toward Biology of Junior High School Students. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics & Science Education, 43(2), 37-54.