Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 30 (1985)

The Supply and Demand of Vocational Industrial Teachers Author: Yang Chao-hsiang


This study is to investigate the supply and demand of vocational industrial teachers in Taiwan, Republic of China. It includes the following four components:
1.To estimate the number of vocational industrial teachers needed in the next ten years, investigate the needed competence of vocational industrial teachers, envision appropriate channels for preparing vocational industrial teachers, examine the effectiveness of in-service training programs for industrial teachers.
Some important suggestions offered by this study are:
1.In order to solve the problem of lacking vocational industrial teachers, besides the current channels, the following approach may be appropriate: "The Departments of Industrial Education at the Normal University or College may recruit college or university graduates, provide them with one or two-year professional training, and then, assign them to vocational industrial high schools."
2.In order to improve the quality of vocational industrial teachers, Licence Chang-ing System, Competence Test System, and In-Service Training Programs should be established.
3.Modifying vocational industrial high school curriculum will greatly affect the demand of vocational industrial teachers. The educational authorities should foresee this issue and prepare for it.

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