Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 30 (1985)

A Study of the Development of Multi-Colored Woodblock Printing, Part I - from T'ang to Ming Dynasty - Author: Shiou-hsiung Wang


This study deals with the development trend and technique evolution of the multi-colored woodblock printing from T'ang to Ming Dynasty. From the most ancient Chinese-ink woodblock printing "the Buddha Sakyumuni preaching in a garden, on the flyleaf of Diamond Sutra" down to the various kinds of multi-colored woodblock printing typified by "Shih-chu-chai ch'ien-p'u", in which the highly developed techni-ques were revealed. Between the most ancient and the above-mentioned multi-colored woodblock printing, a total of 876 years elapsed (868-1644). The technique evolution throughout these years could be roughly divided into three periods: (1) A change from Chinese-ink (black and white) woodblock printing to red-and-Chinese-ink woodblock printing. (2) The primitive stage of multi-colored blockwood printing: Blockwood printing with colored outline. (3) The golden age of multi-colored: Completion of multi-colored blockwood printing and low-relief-embossing techniques.
As a matter of course, there were works and developed techniques representative of each of these periods. This study gives a detailed description of each of the typical works of art and evolution of the unique techniques.

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