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Concepts of Educational Evaluation Author: Rex T. Lu


In the last decade, Educational Evaluation has been conducted on all school levels in Taiwan Region, Republic of China. It still prevails; however, the present state of Educational Evaluation in Taiwan can be regarded as being in the early stages of development; the amount of literature about this relatively new aspect of education is limited. Meanwhile, most of this kind of information, in theory as well as in practice, is introduced from the United States by local scholars. The influences of historical and social backgrounds are often unconsciously neglected. Perhaps this is the very reason of having more difficulties in clarifying the retionale behind current educational evaluation practice here in Taiwan than in the United States.
The main purpose of this paper is to reduce the confusion about the concepts of Educational Evaluation. It consists of two parts as the following:
Part I: To clarify the meaning of Educational Evaluation-A theoeitical approach by:
1) A brief historical study-emphasizing the importance of historical and social background of the development of Educational Evaluation;
2) An analysis of various definitions of Educational Evaluation presented by foreign scholars to show what Educational Evaluation is; and
3) A comparison of some related terms which are often confused with Educa-tional Evaluation so as to make clear what Educational Evaluation is not.
Part II: To study the functions of Educational Evaluation-A practical approach by
the following emphases:
1) "Educational Evaluation is the center of educational process, not the ap-pendage."
2) The basic functions of Educational Evaluation are:
a) The function of diagnosis-medical model rather than technological model; formal information and supplemental information are equally needed;
b) The function of improving educational program-It means to step up decision-making, planning and monitoring the implementation of educational plan;
c) The function of professional development-It means that Educational Evaluation needs a real personnel commitment; everyone involved in the evaluation can be viewed as participating in a professional develop-ment activity.

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