Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 29 (1984)

A Study of the Current High School Chemistry Laboratory Text by Questionnaire Author: Ping-Shun Tsai, Ching-Tan Chen


A questionnaire has been made to find the degree of difficulty of the labora-tory manipulation, accuracy of the experimental results, and workability of the laboratory manual currently used in senior high schools. More than 40% of the re-spondents noticed that three out of the 30 experiments were considerably difficult for the students and 14 experiments were difficult to get good accurate results. The respondents either pointed out the key problems or commented on the experi-ments. The laboratory technique of students, equipment of the laboratory, and quality of chemicals are considered to be the major factors that influence the results of the experiments. In this paper, a proposal of writing laboratory teaching materials and improving laboratory teaching methods is made.

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