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The Development of Early Childhood Education Under Equality of Educational Opportunity in the Republic of China Author: Lin Tsao-feng(Bulletin of National Taiwan Normal University)


Early childhood education influences harmony and progress in individual, family, and society. Today, to make theii people well-developed under equal educational opportunity, all advanced countries invest a lot in early childhood education. Consequently, compulsory education extending and developing down-wards becomes a necessary approach.
Because our society has changed and education has popularized, the people consider early childhood education indispensable and urgent. This, however, also brings many problems worth concerning and worrying. To intensify early child-hood education, to make developing plans, and to design perfect curriculum actually needs investigating hard to fulfill the functions of early childhood education.
This thesis consists of four parts as follows:
(1) A definition of equality of educational opportunity, and an introduction of the strategies to carry out this equality.
(2) An analysis of the importance of early childhood education based on psychology, social structure, and equality of educational opportunity.
(3) A survey of the developments of early childhood education in leading nations, including America, England, France, Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union, and an analysis of their common approaches.
(4) An investigation of the insufficiency and problems of early childhood education in the Republic of China, and a proposition to improve and develop early childhood education in the Republic of China according to this investigation and the common approaches in the world.

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