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The Educational Thoughts of Military-Training in Modern China Author: Li-Ho Chyu


The educational thoughts of military-training were a main-stream under the tide of nationalism at the end of the Ching Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic. The goal of educational thoughts of military-training was to provide the programs of military training courses for students in all schools in order to cultivate competency which soldiers needed so as to protect the mother country against invasion.
The evolution of the educational thoughts of military-training could be divided into three periods:
In the first period, 1895-1900, the programs of modern schools emphasized physical education for the health of students to make them physically fit.
In the second period, 1901-1918, the programs in all schools focused on national spirit, Chinese culture, moral, and physical education which all students needed in order to make them love their mother country.
In the third period, 1919-1929, the programs of secondary schools, colleges, and universities emphasized the military training courses to cultivate competency that was necessary to protect the mother country from the enemy.

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