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The Late President Chiang Kai-shek's Thoughts of Anti-Communism Author: Chang Tsai-yu


As an anti-communist, no one has better understanding, earlier experience, and firmer determination than the late President Chiang Kai-shek. He was not only the master leader of National Revolution, but also the prophet and forerunner of anti-Communism for all human beings.
The theoretical foundation of his anti-Communism is based on the Theory of the Unity of Spirit and Material to refute Materialistic Theory, the Interpretation of History by the Principle of People's Livelihood to oppose the Materialistic Interpretation of History, the truth of Chung-Ho-Wei-Yu (namely, when our true central self and harmony are realized, the universe then becomes a cosmos and all things attain their full growth and development) to destroy the law of Materialistic Dialectic, the Theistic Thoughts of the Freedom of Religions Belief to defeat the Atheistic Thoughts of Materialism, and Mutual Cooperation of Society to exter-minate Class Struggle. His three anti-communist masterpieces - On the Funda-mental Issues of Anti-Communist and Resisting Russia, the Solution of the Radical Problems of the Thoughts and Methods of Communism, and Soviet Russia in - have deeply probed into the theory of anti-Communism, have at length suggested the plan of Anti-Communism. In these three books, he not merely summed up half-century-long anti-Communist experiences, but also foretold the adverse current encountered, mistakes probably repeated, and relieving, and precautionary tactics likely applied in the course of anti-communist struggle for the present and future stages. So these three masterpieces, as a matter of fact, have become the radical theory and guilding principles of anti-Communism.
The greatest thireat to the world- posed by Communism focuses on Asia, and its main threat to Asia stems from the Chinese mainland, so China's Issue is the main issue of Asia and the free world. We, the government and people of the Republic of China, consider it our sacred task to recover the mainland for the sake of striving for Chinese people's freedom and happiness, and at the same time., fot the elimination of the world's source of .disaster. The traditional philosophy of the Three Principles of the People is the ever-lasting inextinguishable truth, and also the full confidence in winning the final victory of National Revolution.
The following facts are the illustrations of President Chiang's prophetic fore-sight of anti-Communism. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the great anti-communist master, pointed out the common blunders committed by anti-communist Western Countries, and the mistakes in alignment with the Chinese Communists to resist Russia; the only outlet for human beings in the development of their spiritual life; U.S. President Reagan is promoting the movement of world democracy and peace.
Our one and only goal is to oppose Communism and achieve national re-covery; the very faith of us Chinese is that the Three Principles of the People is bound to be realized throughout our nation and propagated all over the world.

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