Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 27 (1982)

Mental Health Services at the National Taiwan Normal University from 1958 Through 1978 Author: Chew-chung Wu, Shu-pei Lee (Department of Health Education College of Education)


The authors have reviewed the utilization records of a Mental Health Services Division of the Health Center at the National Taiwan-Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan, ROC. Records which are felt to be adequate for this review extend back to the founding of the Mental Health Division in 1957. Prof. Shu-pei Lee, the second author of this paper, has been the Director of the Health Center since its establish-ment.
The goals of the present study were as follows:
1. To assess utilization rates of University Mental Health Services from 1958 through 1978.
2. To study referred population in terms of age, sex, reason for referral,
severity of symptoms, diagnosis, nature of treatment including referral to other agencies.
3. To compare the students seen in Mental Health Services with the general school population.
4. To note trends through the years in utilization and modes of treatment provided.
5. To examine certain features unique to the academic arena which are relevant to student utilization of the Mental Health Services.
6. To provide a special review of 4 suicide cases (total recorded during the 20-year period).
7. To make general comparison, insofar as comparison is possible, with student health mental health program utilization in an American University (the University of Illinois, Champaign, III.)

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