Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 26 (1981)

Determination of Rubropunctation and Monascorubrin in Anka Pigments by TLC-Densitometry Author: Hong-Jue Lee, Shuenn-Jyi Sheu, Ching-Tan Chen


Method has been developed for the determination of Rubropunctatin and Monascorubrin in Monascus Anka by thin layer chromatography-densitometry. Measurement was carried out at following conditions: TLC plate-Merck silica gel F 254; Mobile phase - (1) CH3CN/C6H6n-C6H14(15:85:70),(2) AcOH/H2O/n-C6H14 (30:1:70) (upper phase); Densitometry-λS: 375 nm, λR: 600 nm; Mode-----Zigzag scanning in reflection mode. The pigment contents found in one gram of the anka cells were 37.7 3 0.9 mg for Rubropunctatin and 39.5 3 1.2 mg for Monascorubrin,

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