Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 25 (1980)

Measurement Schedules of Spint Running for Two Different Sports Achievement Groups Author: Chen You-Jeng


Two groups of students ( College Women Group N=52; JHS Boy's Group N=40 ) were used as subjects in this study and the automatic sequential timing apparatus made of photo cells were adopted to measure the fifty-meter sprint running at an interval of five-meter, two trials for each subject with at least ten-minute resting interval were executed when at testing. The purpose of this study were to select the appropriate measurement Schedules for sprint running based upon both velocity curve and magnitude of measurement error so the one way ANOVA for repeated measures were adopted and the intraclass correlation were calculated.
The results of this study has shown, the characteristic of the velocity curves of this two groups were similar in trait and the magnitudes of measurement schedules were increased as the testing distance increased, but after the exclusion of the acceleration phase, the magnitude of measurement error was decreased and the reliability estimate increased. From the abovementioned facts, the conclusions were as followings:
1. A same measurement schedule is appropriate for both groups of subject used in this study and the distance of sprint running beyond 30-meter was suggested.
2. The present used testing methods of fifty-meter sprint running must be reconsidered.
3. The training of acceleration phase must be intensified.
4. In order to have a high reliable criterion score, more than two trials of the original fifty-meter sprint running is preferred.

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