Journal directory listing - Volume 21-30 (1976-1985) - Volume 24 (1979)

Mean Excitation Energy of the Elements for Proton Penetration in Matter Author: Rong-Fu Hsu


In this paper we propose a semiemperical model for the mean excitation energy, I, for all elements. By making use of the Monte Carlo technigue and the lowest (class 1) ionization potentials of the elements, we find that the mean excitation energy, I , can be expressed by Iz±1,s=Iz,s+iz±1,s where I is the lowest ionization potential and the subscripts Z and S are respectively refered to the atomic number and the periodic order of the element.
The I-values from our model are compared with those obtained from six other theoretical models as well as the average experimental values , It is found that our I-values are in good agreement with the experimental data for most elements and our model is over all much better than the others.

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