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Follow-Up Study on College Learning Performance and Career Development of Science Class Graduates Author: Ching-Ching Chang (Department of Special Education, National Changhua University of Education), Hsiao-Ping Yu (Department of Special Education, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 66, No. 1
Date:March 2021


This study followed up on the experiences of science class graduates in their college learning and career development and investigated to the extent to which their experiences differed from those who enrolled in math- and science-gifted programs or regular classes focusing on science during high school. A survey research was conducted with all science class graduates from 2012 to 2015 (N = 750) as well as their peers from math- and science-gifted programs and regular classes focusing on science. The response rates for science classes, math- and science-gifted programs, and regular classes focusing on science were 60.5% (N = 454), 31.7% (N = 346), and 56.8% (N = 727), respectively. The questionnaire contained items regarding academic performance, academic and nonacademic activity participation, in-class performance, and career development. The main results were as follows: (1) Compared to their peers, science class graduates exhibited higher academic performance and more academic activity participation, with most of them planning to pursue a doctoral degree. (2) Compared with their regular class peers, both science class graduates and math- and science-gifted program graduates demonstrated higher in-class performance and better career development. (3) No between-group differences were observed in participation in nonacademic activities-indicating that science class graduates could successfully balance their academic and leisure time. (4) All the three groups hoped to pursue a career in engineering or medicine. (5) Science class graduates who received science awards during high school exhibited higher academic performance and career aspirations. The current results have several implications for future research and career counseling for science class students.

Keywords:college learning performance, career development, science class graduates, follow-up study

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APA FormatChang, C.-C., & Yu, H.-P. (2021). Follow-up study on college learning performance and career development of science class graduates. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 66(1), 173-202.