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Development of Inventory for the Role Expectations of High-School Students Author: Ding-Ying Guo (Department of Education, National University of Tainan)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 66, No. 1
Date:March 2021


This study development inventory and dimensions for the role expectations of high-school students. The inventory was constructed according to a literature review, expert reviews, an exploratory factor analysis of 582 participants, and a confirmatory factor analysis of 1,509 participants. The participants consisted of high-school students, high-school teachers, and citizens. The results of this study are summarized by the following: (1) The developed inventory is valid and reliable, and the model-data fit was acceptable according to both exploratory and confirmatory analyses. (2) According to multigroup analysis, measurement invariance of the inventory exists across the three groups of high-school students, high-school teachers, and citizens. (3) The inventory includes six dimensions—namely society participation, self-construction, literacy cultivation, exploring learning, moral development, and occupation training.

Keywords:role expectation, high-school student, student role

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APA FormatGuo, D.-Y. (2021). Development of inventory for the role expectations of high-school students. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 66(1), 141-171.