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Dispelling the Clouds and Seeing the Sun: Action Research on Teaching and Counseling for Twice-Exceptional Students in an Elementary School Author: Sheng-Min Cheng (Special Education Center, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 66, No. 1
Date:March 2021


This study explored the operating mechanism and the content of teaching and counseling provided to twice-exceptional students by a team of teachers consisting of a regular classroom teacher, a disability resource room teacher, and a giftedness resource room teacher. The subject of the case study was a gifted fourth-grade student with autism. The research was conducted through a cyclical process of plan, action, observation, reflection, revision, and reaction. The results demonstrated that providing appropriate services for twice-exceptional students through collaborative efforts of various types of teachers can improves students’ overall performance. The results for teacher collaboration were (1) establishing a mechanism for case managers to lead teachers through collaboration; (2) adopting teacher cooperation flexibility; (3) actively coordinating various teachers for teacher-student matching. The results for providing support for twice-exceptional students were (1) developing strengths-based content and implementing strategies for twice-exceptional students; (2) constructing a performance stage for twice-exceptional students to demonstrate their talents in a supportive regular classroom setting. Finally, we proposed some suggestions for governmental education departments, schools, and future studies.

Keywords:twice-exceptional students, teacher collaboration, strengths-based teaching and counseling

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APA FormatCheng, S.-M. (2021). Dispelling the clouds and seeing the sun: Action research on teaching and counseling for twice-exceptional students in an elementary school. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 66(1), 39-81.