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The Study of Developing the Administrative Performance Evaluation System From the Perspective of Institutional Research Author: An-Pan Lin (Department of Civic Education and Leadership, National Taiwan Normal University), Hua-Ling Chiang(International Business, National Taiwan University), Ya-Ting Chuang(Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University), Kuo-En Chang(Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 64, No.1
Date:March 2019

Institutional research (IR) is a kind of systematic data collection, which enables the self-assessment action of the higher education, finds out the problems of the school affairs and governance, and provides the data based information for related decision making. Thus, IR is an important approach to improve higher education quality to contribute its sustainable development. The administration has a function which can guide the university’s operation appropriately, which should combine the IR cogitation closely to improve the progress of the university’s overall goals. This study takes public S University as a case and investigates its administrative management which integrates the IR cogitation and joints to informationization. S University develops its special oversight and evaluation system to check school affairs planning, tracking, evaluating, feedback, and improvement, and ensure these affairs’ performance and quality. Based on the case study results of S University, we find the administrative oversight and evaluation system of S University not only combine the IR information support cycle but also implement the 5 roles of IR. By both quality control and performance appraisal of this system, the goals of administrative staffs and school can effectively integrate. This mechanism ensures the effectiveness and quality of administrative affairs and attains proof from the world university ranking of S University. By this case study, we wish to provide some views of IR study and implementation for other institutions.

Keywords:institutional research, oversight and evaluation system, performance appraisal

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APA FormatLin, A. – P., Chiang, H. – L., Chuang, Y. – T., & Chang, K. – E. (2019). The Study of Developing the Administrative Performance Evaluation System From the Perspective of Institutional Research. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 64(1), 241-265. doi:10.6209/JORIES.201903_64(1).0009