Journal directory listing - Volume 63 (2018) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【63(4)】December (Special Issue: The Concepts and Practices for Achieving Literacy)

(Special Issue) Development and Validation of an Online Assessment Module for Mandarin Reading Literacy for Middle School Students of the 12-Year Basic Education Program Author: Pei-Jung Hsieh (Research Center for Testing and Assessment, National Academy for Educational Research)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 63, No.4
Date:December 2018

Reading is one of the key elements of the 12-year basic education curriculum guidelines for elementary schools, junior high schools, and general senior high schools: Language and Literature Category - Chinese Language and Literature. This study developed an online reading assessment module in line with the new curriculum guidelines. A literacy-based assessment module was established to construct an assessment framework, text selection or writing principles, item writing principles, and reading literacy-oriented items. The psychometric characteristics of the items were also investigated to support the validity of the module. The principles and items were validated through the triangulation method. By conducting assessment framework meetings and item writing workshops, a 3-dimensional assessment framework, 17 indicators, 5 text writing principles, and 10 item writing principles were obtained. The Online Assessment for Science Literacy platform was adopted for 23 testlets with 201 items for pilot test administration. The participants were 1,685 junior high school students from 58 schools in Taiwan. Item difficulty, discrimination, and infit mean square statistics were analyzed using the CTT and TAM packages in R. The average discrimination of 17 testlets (73.91%) was more than .30. The average p-value of multiple choice items ranged from .45 to .74. The average discrimination of half of the constructed response items was .37 and the average p-value was .24, which revealed high discrimination and high difficulty. The sample items were also provided as a reference for preparing assessment designs for schools in the future.

Keywords:literacy-based assessment, online assessment, reading comprehension, secondary education

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APA FormatHsieh, P.-J. (2018). Development and validation of an online assessment module for mandarin reading literacy for middle school students of the 12-year basic education program. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 63(4), 193-228. doi: 10.6209/JORIES.201812_63(4).0007