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“You Don’t Know What Really Matters to Me!” Examining the Gaps Between Governmental Policies and Student Perspectives in International Student Recruitment Practices in Taiwan Author: Hsiou-Huai Wang (Center for Teacher Education, National Taiwan University), Chen-Wei Chang (Research Center for Educational System and Policy, National Academy for Educational Research)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 61, No. 4
Date:December 2016


In the present era of competitive globalization, rethinking the ideals and rationales involved in recruiting global talent is crucial. This study used Taiwan as a case study to explore the approaches adopted by a non-English speaking country for recruiting international students. The Taiwan government believes that it should foster an English language teaching environment in universities and provide sufficient financial support to international students in order to establish and strengthen political and diplomatic relationships with the students’ home countries. However, international students emphasize cultural, linguistic, social, and vocational elements in their motives for studying abroad. Gaps apparently exist between governmental policies and students’ perceptions. Suggestions for bridging these gaps were provided with regard to policy clarification, system building, and niche strengthening in the age of global competition.

Keywords:higher education, international student perspectives, international student recruitment policy, Taiwan

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APA FormatWang, H.-H. & Chang, C.-W. (2016). “You Don’t Know What Really Matters to Me!” Examining the gaps between governmental policies and student perspectives in international student recruitment practices in Taiwan. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 61(4), 243-270. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2016.61(4).09