Journal directory listing - Volume 60 (2015) - Journal of Research in Education Sciences【60(4)】December (Special Issue: Support for disadvantaged students)

(Special Issue) Effects of Four-Level Reading Instruction for an Online Tutoring Project on Promoting the Reading Ability of Rural Students Author: Tai-Chien Kao(Department of Curriculum Design and Human Potentials Development, National Dong Hwa University), Yi-No Kang(Department of Curriculum Design and Human Potentials Development, National Dong Hwa University), Yu-Yeh Chen(Department of Curriculum Design and Human Potentials Development, National Dong Hwa University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 60, No. 4
Date:December 2015


To satisfy the language-learning needs of students living in rural areas and to promote their reading ability, this study developed four-level reading instruction for an afterschool online tutoring program and evaluated its effects on student reading ability. The study participants were drawn from 142 students at 11 elementary schools in Eastern Taiwan who were tutored by college students at National Dong-Hwa University as a part of the Digital Partner Afterschool Online Tutoring Program in the fall semester of 2014. 41 students from three elementary schools that were willing to join the study were assigned to the experimental group. For a fair comparison, an additional 41 students with similar background conditions were selected from the remaining eight elementary schools and were assigned to the control group. The pretest-posttest unequal-group design was adopted for the experiment. For the experimental group, a 30-minute four-level reading lesson for a short story was conducted by a college student tutor at the beginning of each 90-minute one-on-one online tutoring activity, which was performed twice weekly over 15 weeks in the semester. The four-level reading instruction was designed on the basis of their progress in reading comprehension; specifically, their performance in lexicon learning, information retrieving, direct inference, and information interpreting. For the control group, the college student tutor provided review lessons according to the language textbook used by the elementary school. Two short story reading tests were conducted at the beginning (pretest) and end (posttest) of the experiment for both groups. The study first used the multiway analysis of covariance to detect overall reading performance differences between the groups. To elucidate the effects of the four-level reading instruction, gender and grade level were adopted as moderators, and multiway multivariate analysis of variance was performed for further analysis. The findings showed that the four-level reading instruction promoted the students’ reading ability. Moreover, there was a moderate effect on grade level. Significant improvements were observed in the direct inferencing ability of the middle graders and the information interpreting ability of high graders. Therefore, the focus of the four-level reading instruction should be adapted to the cognitive development of students.

Keywords:rural education, online tutoring, reading instruction

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Kao, T.-C., Kang, Y.-N., & Chen, Y.-Y. (2015). Effects of four-level reading instruction for an online tutoring project on promoting the reading ability of rural students. Journal of Research in Education Sciences, 60(4), 191-221. doi:10.6209/JORIES.2015.60(4).07