Journal directory listing - Volume 51 Number 1 (2006/April) - Education【51(1)】

The Construction of School Environmental Education Indicator System in Taiwan Author: Hen-Wen Yen(Dept. of Health Education, NTNU) Jia-Yuh Ferng (Hsin-Chuang Junior High School), Chieh-Hsing Liu(Dept. of Health Education, NTNU)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 51, No. 1
Date:April 2006


In this project we constructed a national school environmental education indicator system for Taiwan. We adopted the IPO (Input-Process-Outcome) model for analysis. First we conducted a literature review and made use of our past experience to develop indicators that could clarify important concepts in this type of research. Next, we conducted interviews and a questionnaire survey in order to understand the existing situation of environmental education at schools in Taiwan. Finally, we used the Delphi technique and expert panels to reach a consensus on meaningful indicators for evaluating Taiwan's secondary school environmental education.
In this environmental education indicator system, there are 29, 19, and 31 indicators for universities, middle/high schools, and elementary schools respectively. The main indicators are "team power," "systematic reform," "pollution prevention," "resource management," "landscaping," "activities planning and participation," and "student literacy." The results indicate that cooperation within the administration system has a significant impact on the promotion of school environmental education, and that the outcomes of school environmental education can be used as an important basis for the future improvement of Taiwan's environmental education. Since greater environmental literacy of students has always been the main goal of environmental education, future research needs to develop a set of more accurate and feasible evaluation systems. It is therefore hoped that the results of this study may become important reference points for environmental teaching, research, policy-making and budgeting purposes.

Keywords:environmental education, indicators

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APA FormatYen, H.-W., Ferng, J.-Y., & Liu, C.-H. (2006). The Construction of School Environmental Education Indicator System in Taiwan. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 51(1), 85-102. doi:10.3966/2073753X2006045101005