Journal directory listing - Volume 49 Number 2 (2004/October) - Science Education【49(2)】

Computer Integration in Kindergarten Teaching: Teachers’ Practices and Beliefs Author: Shu-hui Chiu(National Taichung Teachers College), Meng-Shan Chuang(Chaoyang University of Technology)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 49, No.2
Date:December 2004


The goal of this investigation is two folds: (1) to learn about the technology integration approaches applied by kindergarten teachers, and (2) to examine teachers’ beliefs about technology integration. Teachers in kindergartens in central Taiwan were sampled. Specifically, our participants included 288 kindergarten teachers who allowed computer time for their students, 113 kindergarten teachers whose students did not have computer time, and 32 computer teachers who taught children about computers in kindergarten. The data indicated that when teachers did apply technology in their teaching, most of them whole class work in a computer room for 30 minutes once a week. In general, most teachers lacked confidence in their ability to integrate technology into their teaching. Also, while kindergarten teachers tend to hold more student-oriented beliefs toward technology integration, focusing on students’ developmental stage, computer teachers tend to take a more teacher-oriented perspective in their teaching. It seems that computer teachers, although they possess better computer skills, may have insufficient training in early childhood education.

Keywords:early childhood education, technology integration, technology integration beliefs

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APA FormatChiu, S.-H., & Chuang, M.-S. (2004). Computer Integration in Kindergarten Teaching: Teachers’ Practices and Beliefs. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Mathematics & Science Education, 49(2), 35-60. doi:10.6300/JNTNU.2004.49(2).02