Journal directory listing - Volume 49 Number 1 (2004/April) - Education【49(1)】

Internet Dating and Female Middle-School Sexual Abuse Victims Author: Fang-Ming Hwang(Department of Education of National Chiayi University),Kin-Bao Yang(Department of Infant and Child Care of National Taipei College of Nursing)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 49, No. 1
Date:April 2004


This study, focused on female middle-school students in Taiwan, surveyed and analyzed their Internet behavior: specifically their meeting and dating of boys (men) through the Internet. The objectives were to understand any abnormal patterns of interaction, and to establish a model that would show the students' potential to become sexual abuse victims. This model was derived from "victim theory." 442 female third-year middle-school (junior high school) students in Taiwan were our subjects. The fitness of the model was tested with LISREL statistical software using structural equation modeling.
The results have shown that: (1) Internet addiction has a positive and direct impact on Internet dating; (2) the "Internet dating game" is clearly dangerous, and is one of the potentially most dangerous aspects of internet interaction; (3) the Internet dating game potentially leads to date rape; and (4) the dangerous aspects of internet interaction have a positive and direct impact on the potential for date rape.

Keywords:deviant behavior, Internet interaction, structural equation modeling, potential victimization

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APA FormatHuang, F.-M., & Yang, K.-B. (2004). Internet Dating and Female Middle-School Sexual Abuse Victims. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Education, 49(1), 21-40. doi:10.3966/2073753X2004044901002