Journal directory listing - Volume 49 Number 2 (2004/October) - Humanities & Social Sciences【49(2)】

Developing Internet Addition Relation Model (I - ARM) and Cases Study
Author: Shu-Yun Peng(Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,Chung Yuan Christian University)、Pei-Luen Patrick Rau(Department of Information Management,Chung Yuan Christian University)、Ching-Chow Yang(Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,Chung Yuan Christian University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 49, No.2
Date:October 2004


Internet Addiction is a new mental disorder, which is hard to describe its total concept due to its comprehensiveness. With the rapid growth of Online Games market, the importance of Online Game addiction has also increased considerably. This research investigates the how using Internet affects the lives of heavy Internet users based on comprehensive perspective. An integrated model, Internet Addiction Relation Model(I - ARM), is developed based on research fields such as Medical Addiction studies, Internet Addiction studies, and Psychology and Social Psychology. The framework of I - ARM likes a mind map of Internet addiction, represents and explains the phenomena and motivations of Internet addiction.
This research utilizes " KJ Method" to organize relationships of causation and phenomena of Internet Addiction. I - ARM includes three models at least. These could be utilized to analyze a player by his/her background, past Internet experience, social status, thinking and behavior, etc. This research studies four cases, embracing the phenomena of addiction, to examine the Internet Addiction Relation Model. It can help to recognize who are the potential guys to get trouble with addiction, and counsel them in advance.

Keywords:Flow, Internet Addiction, KJ Method, Online Game

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APA FormatPeng, S.-Y., Rau, P. P.-L., & Yang, C.-C. (2004). Developing Internet Addition Relation Model (I - ARM) and Cases Study. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 49(2), 67-84. doi:10.6210/JNTNULL.2004.49(2).04