Journal directory listing - Volume 49 Number 2 (2004/October) - Humanities & Social Sciences【49(2)】

A Study of the Structure of Su Shih's Tz'us:Five "Wan-his-sha Tz'u-Poems"
Author: Jy-ing Yan(Department of Chinese and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 49, No.2
Date:October 2004


Su Shih(1036-1101), one of the well-known Tz'u-poets of the Sung Dynasty, contributed greatly to the development of the Tz'u genre. His most outstanding, and most popular, Tz'u-poems were primarily composed during his five years of exile to Hwan Chow. Among these, five "Wan-his-sha" poems in particular reflected his life- style, feelings and thoughts during this period. As for the use of imagery, white, green and red express the poet's deepest emotions of delight, lightheartedness and enthusiasm, respectively; the allusions are succinct and rich in meaning; the syntactic and semantic structures are primarily inductive, deductive, antecedent-consequent and abstract-concrete, and involve the skillful organization of words. Most of all, by mixing different methods within a single structure, these five Tz'u-poems are, in aesthetic terms, remarkably diverse. These five poems are therefore the ones of the most important works of Su Shih.

Keywords:aesthetic, imagery, allusions, structure, method, Su Shih, Wan-his-sha

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APA FormatYan, J.-I. (2004). A Study of the Structure of Su Shih's Tz'us:Five "Wan-his-sha Tz'u-Poems". Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 49(2), 23-42. doi:10.6210/JNTNULL.2004.49(2).02